High Mechanical Properties

The excellent tensile of Basfiber®: 3800-4800 MPa, more than the bundle carbon fiber, Aramid fiber, PBI fiber, steel fiber, boron fiber, alumina fiber and equal to S glass fiber. The excellent heat vibration stability of Basfiber® is unchanged at 500°C, the original weight loss is less than 2%, and less than 3% at 900°C.

The excellent wave absorption and transparency tested under 8-18 GHz with the laminate of Basfiber® reinforced resin base 180x180, the thickness is 4mm, the resin system HD03 were used. On the tests, this material had not any wave absorption additive, but why it has the propriety of wave absorption is because Basfiber® contents 20% oxide including FeO2 & TiO2, if we adjust the contents adding absorbent and wave absorption coating in the resin system, maybe the wave absorption will be much better.

Analysis of mechanical properties of Basfiber® took from world leading producer - Kamenny Vek Company, Russia. The main priority of this Company is production of high quality basalt fiber with high and stable mechanical properties.

Testing has been run in laminates. Such testing is the most correct way of properties measurement compared to testing of mono-filaments or of dry bundle of fibers. Customers are interested to know not only theoretic tensile strength but also influence of fiber-matrix adhesion and catenary on mechanical properties of final product.

  • Cougar
  • Lions
  • Snowalker
  • Howling
  • Sunbathing

All tests have been run in respected European laboratories and all related figures you can find here are not kinds of advertisement but real fiber properties which you can use for your own calculations. Test results show 25% increasing of tensile strength and 15% increasing of modulus of Basfiber® compared to E-glass.

diameter, µm
Linear density
tex (g/km)
Tensile strength, MPa
ASTM D2343
E-modulus, GPa
ASTM D2343
Tensile strength, mN/tex
ASTM D3822
10 ±0.5 270 ±5.0% 3000-3200 85-90 ≥700
13 ±0.5 300 ±5.0% 3000-3200 85-90 ≥650
13 ±0.5 600 ±5.0% 3000-3200 85-90 ≥650
13 ±0.5 1200 ±5.0% 3000-3200 85-90 ≥650
13 ±0.5 2400 ±5.0% 3000-3200 85-90 ≥650
17 ±1.0 1200 ±5.0% 2800-3000 85-90 ≥600
17 ±1.0 2400 ±5.0% 2800-3000 85-90 ≥600
17 ±1.0 4800 ±5.0% 2800-3000 85-90 ≥600

So high mechanical properties allow considering Basfiber® as an excellent alternative to specialty fibers, such as S-2 fiber, especially taking into account its extremely low price. It may be very interesting for customers who are looking for fibers with high mechanical properties but have price restrictions. This can be producers of CNG cylinders, wind mill blades, car parts etc.

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