High Temperatures

The average application temperature range of Basfiber® is between -269°C - 700°C, Our Advanced Basalt Fiber can reach temperatures of 960°C, while glass Fiber is only -60°C to 450°C. Basfiber® breakage strength is 85% under 400°C and 80% under 600°C. The Advanced Basalt Fiber once treated at 780°C - 820°C can work normally without shrinkage at 860°C, even the excellent silicate cotton can only keep the strength of 50%-60%, and the glass fiber will be completed destroyed. The Carbon Fiber can work in higher temperatures but has the weak oxidative stability, which will produce the CO & CO2 at 300°C, also the ultimate application of the counterpoint Aramid is only 250°C and its material is often used as reinforcement of fiber composites.

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One of the most traditional and well-known applications for basalt products is thermal-insulation and fire-protection. The operating temperature of Basfiber® materials is -260°C up to +700°C with one-time permissible exposure of +1000°C. This allows to use basalt materials for thermal-insulation- of all kind of equipments in applications where customers need high-temperature insulation or fire-retardant barriers.

Materials made from Basfiber® don't burn at the high temperatures. During fire exposure, fibers remain undamaged and tied together. Material doesn't loose its mechanical properties and creates protection against fire. Products keep their shape and properties. During fire exposure they don't release any harmful or dangerous substances into atmosphere.

Basfiber® is successfully used for manufacturing of industrial filters for cleaning of waste gases from dust at concentrating mills, metallurgical and chemical plants, in construction industry and power engineering. Nowadays considerable part of industrial filters for air cleaning with operating temperature from 300°C to 650°C are made from Basfiber®.

Proprieties Basfiber® E-glass
Operating temperature °C -260 to +600°C -60 to +460°C
Caking temperature °C 1050°C 600°C
Thermal conductivity, Wt/m,K 0,031 - 0,038 0,034 - 0,04

A High thermal-stability along with other advantages of Basfiber® allows using it as:

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