Chemical Resistance

Composed by the elements Potassium Oxide(K2O), Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Basfiber® has a perfect chemical stability. The process which basalt rock go through during its formation guarantee the natural and exclusive proprieties of the 99% pure Basalt Rock Advanced fibers delivered by Basalt Fiber Tech. Compatible with silicate, the Advanced Basalt Fiber is produced with high quality volcanic rock as the only raw material providing high resistance to acid & alkali. Tests has shown that Basfiber® has an excellent duration and stability in saturation in Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 and cement. Basfiber® can replace reinforcing steel bars as the reinforced material.

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Basalt fiber has exceptionally high corrosion and chemical resistance against aggressive environment:

Compared to metal, Basfiber® doesn't corrode. Compared to fibreglass, Basfiber® is alkali and also sea water resistant material. In spreadsheet below you can see data regarding chemical resistance of Basfiber®

Material characteristics Basfiber® E-glass
Environmental friendliness High Low
Content of phenol-formaldehyde binders No Yes
Chemical resistance of fiber weight loss (%)
After 3-hours boiling in: H2O 1,6 6,2
After 3-hours boiling in: 2NaOH 2,8 6,0
After 3-hours boiling in: 2NHCl 2,2 38,9

As you can see from spreadsheet, Basfiber® has unique chemical resistance properties. This feature of Basfiber® opens vast prospective for their applications in structures working under impact of moisture, saline solutions, acid or alkali environment. Customers can change metal structures and details, subjected to corrosion due to such influence, by light, durable and corrosion resistant materials made from Basfiber®.

For instance, Basfiber® in different forms can be used for concrete reinforcement. Basfiber® doesn't react with salts or pigments and can be used in construction of sea structures, architectural and decorative concretes.

Basfiber® can be also used in pavements where it protects concrete and reinforcement from penetration of de-icing salt and aggressive substances, increases residual strength and durability of pavement to freezing/defrosting and also increases its roughness.

Chemical resistance of Basfiber® is one of key competitive advantages for its usage in production of filters for chemical and metallurgical industry as well as for production of all kind of tanks and tubes for chemical industry and public utilities.

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