Structural Profile

Basfiber® product range for Structural Profiles Pultrusion.

Basfiber® standard structural profiles for many industry applications, an ideal replacement for steel profiles where electrical conductivity, low weight, fire and chemical resistance or corrosion are driving factors in the material selection.

Basalt Fiber Tech can tailor profile's mechanical properties to suit your specific application.

Based on customers application requirements profiles are manufactured with either high quality ISO Polyester or Vinyl Ester resin systems.

Advantages of composite profiles:

  • Feature dimensional accuracy of the profile.
  • High tensile strength.
  • High impact strength.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Outstanding electro insulating characteristics.
  • Low heat conductivity and heat expansion.
  • Specific weight.
  • Long service life fast economic return.
  • Minimum maintenance

Possible applications

  • Construction elements in building industry.
  • Covering panels in buses, trams, trains.
  • Construction elements in aircraft production.
  • Window frames or reinforcement of window frames.
  • Elements in chemical industry (corrosive environments including chemical premises).
  • Edges on lorry box bodies.
  • Rods in heavy-current electrical industry (insulator supporting poles of high-voltage distribution systems, supporting members of trolley systems, spacing profiles in large transformers, etc.).
  • Sport equipment (hockey sticks, arrows, bows, tents,etc.).
  • Ladders.

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