About US

Basalt Fiber Tech is an Australian company specializing in Developing and Innovating Advanced Basalt Fiber products for Australia and Asia Pacific markets servicing industries such as:

  • Industrial;
  • Construction;
  • Civil;
  • Mining;
  • Military;
  • Refinery;
  • Chemicals and Power plants;
  • Electrical;
  • Automotive;
  • Aviation;
  • Shipbuilding;

Our primary materials are of the highest quality produced by our partner Kamenny Vek in Russia, the Basfiber® yarns and rovings, are exclusively shipped to Australia and along with our Australian Weaving partners proudly manufacture a range of High Performance Engineered Advanced Technical Textiles, providing Solutions, deriving a future value across a broad range of products in various industries, identify value creation, efficiency and productivity gain and Innovate eco sustainability.

We invite you to browse our website for additional information regarding our products, projects/applications, technical data sheets, brochures and distributors. For direct communication with our team of specialists, please refer to our contacts page.

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